Let's build community
connected by housing,
not displaced by it

ecoTHRIVE Housing is combining two forms of shared-equity homeownership with thoughtful design to build communities that are affordable, beautiful and vibrant—where everyone can thrive. 

Our process is community-driven, collaborative and proven—building on the experience and wisdom of others to ensure an enduring and scalable solution that restores and transforms our relationship to ourselves, each other and nature.

More than affordable housing, this is a village. A cultural shift.

Welcome to the new paradigm.

Building Small and Green

We are inspired by and honor the land that sustains us

Thoughtful design connects residents to the natural environment and each other. By balancing generous shared spaces with small private spaces, fewer resources are needed to build and maintain a village. 

By including green building techniques, renewable energy and edible and native landscapes, resident-owners will have fewer living costs, freeing up capacity to support community, creativity and personal expression. 


Affordable for today, for generations—for good

The village combines two forms of shared-equity home ownership—a Community Land Trust (CLT) and a Limited Equity Cooperative (LEC)—to create stable, permanent, low-cost housing without the need for ongoing subsidies.

This multi-layered ownership structure is a stable, lower-risk financial investment for both lenders and village resident-owners—and protects affordability in perpetuity.


Collaboration builds our collective resilience​

A community-led, inclusive process encourages involvement from concept to design, through construction and long-term stewardship.

Once built, shared community spaces and resources provide significant economic, health and social benefits. Democratic self-governance gives each resident-owner a voice in decisions that impact them.

Sustainable Financing

A finance strategy designed to scale

To build our village that allows us to thrive today and tomorrow, we combine public funding, charitable contributions and debt financing with resident equity.

After the initial capital investment, resident-owners can cover ongoing costs, affordably.

By sharing, we create abundance now—and for future generations.

Together we build a village.
Together we shift culture.

Together we shape the future we want to live in.

Join us.