Let's build community
connected by housing

ecoTHRIVE Housing is a nonprofit working to create beautiful, affordable, resident-owned villages in King County that nurture community, human resilience and joy.

More than a housing crisis

While housing affordability in King County is the immediate crisis that drives ecoTHRIVE, our community-building approach addresses the deeper roots that underpin the crisis. 

shape the future you want to live in

We believe it’s possible to build housing that inspires, sustains and enhances our collective quality of life. We believe affordable housing can allow us to thrive today and tomorrow. Join us.

What is a resilient Village?

In an increasingly disconnected world, The Resilient Village works to restore genuine human connectedness through small but functional housing at an affordable price. It builds on the experience and wisdom of others—and proven to work.

affordable housing model

We are resilient together

Join our circle of doers and dreamers inspired by the land and communities that sustain us.